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Directly replaces the rather loose and soft factory bushing.  The gold standard for any semi-auto is to remove all play from the barrel at lock up.  This is precisely what the CGW 7510X does.  So why pay more for any other bushing system?  Only fits heavy barrel CZ’s with a barrel diameter of .550″.

Heat treated and DLC coated for a long service life.  Improves accuracy for a modest investment and has no affect on reliability or function.

Note:  Very minor fitting may be required, can be installed in minutes with common tools.  Does not work with threaded barrels, however CGW can modify a threaded barrel so that it will work, please contact us for details.

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Shadow 2 Reach Reduction Kit with ultra-short reset now USPSA Production approved.  Cajun Gun Works’ famous RRK that permanently re-positions the trigger rearward with the hammer fully lowered an amazing 5 mm’s and reduces single action pre-travel dramatically.  Includes our “old style” stainless steel 85C trigger “Made in the USA”  with pre and over-travel screws so you can custom tune to your CZ.

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